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Testimonial – Mariama from Leeds – TGRM  one to one

Grief recovery has brought me so much peace and has made me feel more content in life. I learned so much, not only about grief in general and how to deal with everything that it brings with it, but I also learnt a lot about myself along the way. Before I did grief recovery, I, like many others probably do, thoughthat grief was only attached to the passing of someone you care about; the loss of life. However, I have learnt that it is so much more than that, and that any loss that we experience in our lives can cause grief, even if we ourselves do not know it. It could be from the loss of trust, the loss of your childhood, the loss of a partner through divorce; there are many different types of losses that we go through that I had no idea could be linked to grief.

I would recommend this for anybody who is maybe feeling a bit a lost, like I did, or to anyone who has felt the grief of loss. Grief recovery allows you to process the grief and gives you the tools to live life in a way that is not weighed down by all the emotions and feelings that comes with it.

As soon as I met Julie, I knew that she was the person I could go on this journey with. She is such a beautiful person who is kind and brilliant. It was so easy to talk to herand I learnt so much from her even outside of the grief recovery. It was crazy how easy it was to connect with her, and it was honestly a wonderful time. I can be quite socially awkward so I find it hard to connect with new people, but I had none of that awkwardness with Julie. Her soothing personality allowed me to let my guard down and easily talk about my experiences. I cannot recommend her enough.

Testimonial – Gill from Newcastle – TGRM group

A couple of years after my husband died a friend suggested I do the Grief Recovery course with Julie and I found it very helpful. Julie has a real gift for making you feel relaxed and safe. She is welcoming and non judgemental and the emphasis on confidentiality in the course reassures you that this is a safe place to allow yourself to be vulnerable. The course follows a clearly defined structure over several months which helps you work through what your grief is and how it affects you. There are many different types of grief and meeting in a group sharing the results of your ‘homework’ help you to understand not only your own grief, but those that others are facing as well.
I would highly recommend the course to anyone struggling with grief in any form.

Testimonial – Julie from Gateshead – TGRM group

Loss spoiled my happy life…. after the sudden and unexpected death of my husband….months of duvet days, isolation, acting recovered and just waiting for time to pass failed to make me feel better…even though they said it would. I’d like to share with you how I moved on beyond that pain and loss.
I know that The Grief Recovery Method works, I’ve experienced the transformation in my own life. My family were scared I’d  end up more broken but it wasn’t possible to feel any worse. It’s the process that let me discover everything I’m  meant to be …without the conflicting emotions left by my loss.
Doing TGRM was the best investment I’d made in myself. Completing the course allowed me to take a full breath and lift my feet without the lead boots on. You don’t have to spend life with a sticking plaster over your broken heart. 
The Grief Recovery Handbook saved my sanity. The Grief Recovery Method transformed my life. It can do the same for you. This is the programme you wont regret.


Testimonial – Jill from Newcastle – TGRM group

I found grief recovery a few years ago. Julie was local, which was great in enabling me to do the course. We had a small group and went through the programme together in a really caring and supportive environment. Everything was very well paced in order to ensure understanding and the ability to process what I was doing. With Julie I completed two key losses in my life and have keenly felt the change in my thoughts about these important experiences. I have been able to move past some very painful events and feel so much calmer and happier because of my grief recovery work. Julie kept her door open to ongoing support, which has enabled me to complete a third loss. The process of grief recovery has been so beneficial for me and I recommend it to everyone who has experienced a painful loss.

Testimonial – Sarah from Sunderland – Helping children with loss

I attended the course as I wanted to be able to confidently support others in their grief in a way that was helpful and supportive. I had not realised it would be such a personal journey, particularly the first session. It brought up a lot of suppressed memories and emotions and has helped me acknowledge and release them. Julie has a lovely manner; she is very open and relaxed which helps you feel more at ease. This was particularly helpful during the first week when we all disclosed our personal losses. I did find the book was repetitive at times of what had been discussed in the sessions, but appreciate the book can also be read as a stand alone. Both the book and Julie explained everything in a simple way, using personal examples so each concept was easy to understand. I am grateful to Julie for supporting us all in our recent loss, her kindness and guidance has been a blessing.