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From Bereavement to happiness
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Bereavement, psychosis and healing
Graces story of death and trauma to recovery

Testimonial Gail – TGRM

Julie made me feel safe and welcome enabling me to be open and honest with her and myself. I have very grateful for her support during this experience and the tools she has given me to work with in the future. I first attended a group session. I went along to give support to a friend, as I felt i had no need for this type of counselling, However,  discussing  that different types of grief, one of which was the grief around expectations of a relationship,  made me think again about grief and my current relationship. It was also mentioned that 121 sessions were available. On exploring my life losses, we began working on a loss i had not previously thought was a problem, rather than the loss that I thought took me to the programme. My father, who dies when I was 13. As we worked through things, I was astounded at what it brought up and strangely excited looking forward to the next step, and how relevant they were to my current relationship (and there was a connection) The new understanding was Grief. It was not and had never been the relationship I had expected…I was grieving for the life I thought i should have had. With Julie’s help I was able to address each and every issue which was such an enlightening experience. I actually felt physically lighter, as if i had truly addressed and let go of things which had held me back for years. This was a truly positive experience which allowed me to move forwards and I have been given a new set of tools to use in  future situations. Julie is kind, empathetic and non judgemental and gave me great directions to keep me on track. She was able to explain things in a different way when i was caught up in emotions and felt stuck. I cannot thank Julie enough for opening my eyes to a different way of thinking. I practice Rekki and Meditation but this is mindfulness on a totally different level. The Grief Recovery Handbook is remarkable, but Julie’s delivery is exceptional.

Testimonial Shumi – EduT one to one

I’m lost for words. Julie’s helped with so many situations in a short space of time and i feel a very big shift in a lot of things. She’s the best!

Testimonial Denise – EduT Group

Doing this course opened my eyes to a whole new side of grief, made me feel known and understood, gave me insight into my behaviours and gave me amazing tools to deal with my grief. Highly recommended programme.

Testimonial Benedie – EduT Group

This course has helped me overcome heartbreak, forgive and let go of past hurts. I am so grateful and feel fulfilled. I want everyone to join…

Testimonial Bridget – EduT Group

Very pleased with this programme. So many life lessons learnt. Thank you so much!  Julie the facilitator is so kind, patient and thoughtful. The programme and the handbook is very well crafted. I would recommend it to anyone finding it difficult to navigate grief. It is a NO judgement zone.

Testimonial Gabrielle – EduT Group

I have enjoyed the experience and the learning. It was for me the opportunity to meet people and share our journey together. Before i joined i was really in a bad place emotionally. Through these sessions I have been able to deal with grief and I was able to return back to work. This programme has helped me to close my past relationships. The suppport has been amazing and I’m grateful.

Testimonial Beth – TGRM Group online

Julie and TGRM have been fantastic. I really struggled to think of my mum in any positive way since she died. I tried to avoid thinking about her, but when I did, I focused only on the negative aspects of our relationship, and it was wearing me down. It was a long time until I realised this may be linked to grief. The first few chapters of the book seemed like a revelation! Myth-busting societys expectations around grief which I never really thought my experience correlated with. In gentle, but appropriately challenging steps, Julie and TGRM led me through the steps needed for me to heal (or complete) my grief around my relationship with my mum. I began to acknowledge the negative parts of our relationship, while also remember again all the parts about my mum that I valued, loved and appreciated. At the end, I surprised myself by finally being able to say the words I love you Mum out loud. I never thought I would have been able to do that again previously. But more than this, TGRM has equipped me not only with the tools to heal this part of my grief, but other areas of hurt and painful relationships too. It is a tool that I know I can rely on as I progress through the journey of life and all that it throws my way.
I am incredibly thankful for Julies, gentle, understanding, non-judgmental, sympathetic, and supportive approach, and for the way that she led us through the method using her own examples of hurt. I would wholeheartedly recommend this for anyone who has experienced the pain that life can bring, in whatever form. It is undoubtedly time and effort well spent.

Testimonial Sally – TGRM Group online

I wasnt sure what to expect when starting the grief course, especially because I associated grief only with death. But I after being on this journey I have learned all the different ways we can feel grief and how they can impact our lives. I would definitely recommend this programme, Julie was great through the whole process. She provided flexible times and dates for sessions, and made the whole process easy and comfortable. I no longer feel burned by the pain I was carrying and now have tools to address things that come up for me in the future.

Testimonial Michael – One to One

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Heartbroken to Healed CIC to anyone experiencing bereavement or struggling with unresolved issues arising from grief. The Grief Recovery Programme is a transformative system for psychological healing in itself, but the compassion, kindness and personal touch that Julie brings to the process elevates its impact by a whole order of magnitude.

Testimonial Claire – One to One Online

I can’t thank or recommend Julie enough in my journey with grief. After losing my amazing Step Dad in July 2023, my world stopped. I was in the darkest place of my life. I physically and mentally felt like I couldn’t go on. The pain was suffocating. I had seen other counsellors who listened but didn’t give me any tools to help move on. I was thinking when I started working with Julie, this isn’t going to work and am going be stuck in this dark place forever. But with her amazing knowledge and tools she has taught me, am i beginning again to live and see that i wont forever forget him but I can move on and not feel this pain. If anyone one finds themselves in this horrific family of grief,  please contact Julie. She is angel sent to help us heal.

Testimonial Emily – TGRM Group

Julie has been a godsend, helping me come to terms with my grief & recognising other aspects in my life are intertwined with this grief process. It has been a challenging time but a worthwhile one. My grief has been listened to by H2H. A friendly listening sear goes a long way. This course brings out a lot of things that you do not think are relevant, but are! My journey has been hard but definitely worthwhile. The tools I have can help me tackle other troubles in my life. Thank you & God Bless.

Testimonial Steven – TGRM Group

The course is extremely  recommended. The handbook & course leader are top notch! I’ve learned some really helpful techniques and am now equipped with the tools to deal with grief. This course has given me the safe place I needed to challenge my emotions.  The environment is confidential, non judgemental, non critical or spoken over. To be able to come onto this journey and be able to deal with grief speaks volumes. Thank you for working with me and helping & giving me a persona to talk to and the tools for a better me.

Testimonial Gemma – TGRM Group

This course albeit extremely challenging has helped me accept and deal with some major losses that i have experienced. H2H has helped me to accept events and losses that i have been holding on to. Julie has been an amazing support and has helped guide me towards completion. I feel like i can take a deep breath again.

Testimonial Tracey – One to one

I’m so pleased to have found Julie and the Heatbroken To Healed program. Julie is such a lovely person and makes you feel welcome and safe. I have learned new skills to help me in my grief recovery. It wasn’t always easy to complete the required tasks of the program, however, through the tears and with Julie’s help and support I achieved them.

Testimonial Sarah – TGRM Group

The course was so thorough, but spread out over weeks for manageable steps forward., which gave enough time to process. Thank you for making a safe, accepting & loving space to talk about deep and intimate situations, thoughts & emotions. Julie went above & beyond to help me get through the course. It brought up emotion & trauma I didn’t realise I was carrying & have now been able to bring closure to my divorce & move forward. The ladies in the group were lovely, accepting & safe. I would highly recommend!

Testimonial Steve -One to One

Loosing my wife to myeloma after a 17 year fight had a devastating impact on my life. Thankfully, I was provided with Julie’s H2H Grief Cafe details & from attending one it became apparent that this lady cared and wanted to help. I enrolled for the programme & Julie has guided me through the process with her professional & caring nature. If you out the work in & are truly honest & put your trust in Julie, I can confirm that you will complete the programme in a better place.Your emotions increase as you progress, but I feel that is something that needs to happen if you want to move on. The programme gives you the tools to help increase your stride a little in your new life & provide some much needed hope for the future. Julie, thank you so much for your support during H2H.

Testimonial Souad -TGRM Group

Thank you with all my heart for this course. It helped me talk to my sadness without any shame & with all comfort. I’m so happy. Thank you. Julie has a big warm hug to help us out too. 

Testimonial  Estefeni – TGRM Group

This course has helped me find a way to recovery after years of suffering. After taking different types of counselling, I’ve found something that really helped me to understand that recovery is a journey. I now have tools to develop the skills I need to be recovered. This course has given me that. The structure of the course is very logical & helpful and I felt accompanied & supported all the time.

Testimonial Walaa – TGRM Group

Julie is such a great lady & very suitable for running this course. She has all the personal & professional skills to lead on this programme. I’m so thankful & grateful for her & the friend who brought me to this precious course.

Testimonial – Lawen  TGRM Group

I can say thank you for spending time with us. I learned new information about how to handle grief & recover. I am happy I spent time on this course. I can say for everyone, this course is beneficial & I recommend it. Thank you Julie for everything. You’re a very friendly & kind person.

Testimonial – Liz One to One

I have been coming to Julie’s for 8 weeks. When I first walked in the front door I couldn’t stop crying, I was an emotional wreck & could not function at all. After my 8 sessions, thinking through & writing down the exercises has made me feel so much better. I am a different person, more positive & coping much better. It has been an amazing journey.

Testimonial – Grace TGRM Group

Julie and the GRC has been life changing for me! I have tried different counsellors before and none have attempted to understand me in the way Julie has – not only is she incredibly talented at dealing with our emotions, she is also extremely kind and a genuine pleasure to be around.
After completing the GRC, Julie has remained in touch and I am now proud to call her my friend. I would recommend everyone to H2H!!

Testimonial – Michael TGRM Group

Julie’s brilliant….and helped me with the loss of my son. She got me through things like the hour and the pain of my loss. She got me to open up when I needed to, instead of closing down. I would like to share a few notes to let Julie know that she is a fantastic Grief Specialist & how easy it was for me to settle into her group & the time she had for all the group members. I feel she helped me onwards and upwards…turning the corner on a road to a better life. Thanks Julie

Testimonial – Karen TGRM Group

I would recommend this course. Grief is something you cannot take pain relief for. However, this course enabled me to talk about my pain to Julie and her soft approach helped me. I lost my beloved Mam. My heart was broken and I thought i could no ;longer go on. However, the one thing I needed to do was talk, but you can only talk to family and friends for so long. Julie enabled me to talk and talk in a structured way to get everything out. This helped me , especially being with a stranger.

Testimonial – Craig 1:1 Online

After 21 years of the loss of my dad, I came across the GRM. Julie was so approachable and I immediately felt at ease with our first contact. The course has gave me tools which I had never tried before and while being supported by my specialist, I now feel content with the loss and able to move from the pain i was in. I would definitely recommend GRM to anybody struggling with a loss and especially Julie, my specialist, who was amazing throughout and has made my journey well worth participating in.

Testimonial Brian – TGRM group

Before this group i felt “stuck” in my grief. I had had counselling but had no tools to move on and process my grief properly. Following the course, in a constructive and supportive environment, i feel i have been able to move on…

Testimonial Lee- TGRM group

Throughout my life i have attended many training course and group sessions. Without doubt the group sessions offered by Julie have been the most important and valuable. Julie is very passionate about supporting people through grief and her help came at just the right time for me. Loosing my Mam was undoubtedly the most challenging time of my life. I felt lost and unable to understand how to feel better. Julie and the Grief Recover Process allowed me to understand the process of grief, how to equip myself with the tools to start my recovery, whilst also preparing me to deal with future grief. The group sessions offered by Julie offered a safe and supportive environment to explore the recovery process. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone struggling to deal with grief. I will be forever grateful for the help she provided.

Testimonial Faye – TGRM group

I felt so lucky and grateful that I accidentally found Julie and her Grief Recovery Program. It helped me so much on my emotional completion journey coping with the divorce, which was the 1st main loss and heartbroken cause event ever happened in my life so far. Not only do I feel the program helped me to know more about myself and feel complete with the divorce(the cause event why I went for the program), but also I feel I’m now armed with more knowledge and experiences on how to deal with any future loss events in my life. When I was in the program, being in my mid. 30s made me the youngest in the whole group, which is a pity, wish more younger people will go for help like this. If we know how to deal with life loss and complete at a younger age, the less we will suffer in the life time when more different kinds of life losses come to us.

Testimonial Angelina – TGRM group

A great way to help and deal with the broken pieces in our life. Julie has a great sense of empathy too. She is great at this form of therapy. Highly recommended.

Testimonial David – TGRM group

This programme has helped me recover from cumulative losses and heartache. Julie is extremely empathetic and skilful in leading this recovery process and has walked the path herself.

Testimonial Becky – TGRM group

‘When I first came to the grief recovery session, I was dealing with the bereavement of a parent. The process made me realise different losses in my life that I had locked up. The process helped me to talk about them and provided me with the skills to deal with them. Julie is an amazing facilitator with a heart of gold! She is accommodating, understanding, she listens and doesn’t judge’.

Testimonial Kylah -TGRM one to one

I cannot recommend the grief recovery programme enough! Julie has been absolutely fantastic, she has helped me gain focus again after feeling stuck and lost. I felt comfortable talking things through with Julie, she is gentle, compassionate, non judgemental and just such a lovely person. The programme has been emotional at times but that is exactly how I needed it to be to help me recover. Julie put me at ease and was understanding when things did get emotional. I now feel I have the tools to help me move forward and stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Julie

Testimonial Natalie -TGRM one to one

Since losing my mum, I’ve really struggled with the loss so I turned to Julie and she’s been absolutely incredible, made me see light. No judgement. Julie makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable, It’s amazing just to for someone to listen and help you along the way. Before I started my journey I felt lost but now I feel a huge weight has been lifted, now I feel I have the ability to cope better. Thankyou so much for how you’ve helped me along the way. I appreciate it so much. You’re amazing.

Testimonial Luke – TGRM one to one

I was recommended the grief recovery method by a family member, and was uncertain as to whether my heartbreak over a broken relationship would qualify as grief. But as soon as I started the programme I realised I was in the right place. I began to understand how little I knew about grief, and how my grief was real and valid. The programme helped me to review the losses in my life, complete the relationship, and say goodbye to the pain it caused. I felt happier, lighter and emotionally cleansed. Julie has been such a blessing, she is kind and compassionate, and a really good listener. Her thoughts were always helpful for me, and I felt comfortable discussing difficult things with her. I am already recommending this programme to my friends and family. It is hard at times, because you have to be truthful with yourself, and face up to your losses. But it is worth it! I have learnt skills that will help me for the rest of my life. You don’t have to feel forever broken-hearted. This really is a road to recovery.

Testimonial Lauren – TGRM one to one

I’m so grateful for Julie at H2H! She is an amazing specialist in grief and loss who, at the time, was the only person I felt could really help me navigate a messy world turned upside down by painful grief following my Dads sudden terminal diagnosis and passing. She is incredibly insightful, empathetic and warm no matter what came up in our sessions. And 1 year on i’m still able to draw on key principles she taught me of walking through grief and loss of all descriptions.

Testimonial Gillian – Sunderland – TGRM Group

The Grief Recovery course has helped me understand myself, my emotions and reactions. It has been extremely emotional and Julie has made this a safe place to be. She’s  always patient, kind, understanding and respectful.Thank you so much for all your help and support.  I’d recommend everyone does this course even if you think you don’t need it. Everyone can benefit!

Testimonial – Olive Newcastle – TGRM Group

After attending the Grief Recovery workshop, I’ve learned that things that happened when i was 9,16 & 26 is not my fault. I lost myself and I felt broken….but through this course I discovered what happened to me doesn’t define me as a person. I am still whole inside, i just need to love myself more. Now I know that life can be happy and meaningful. I’ve learned to forgive those who hurt me and forgive myself. I was able to re-discover what I have been achieving in my life and learned tools that i can use with regards to making decisions with any relationship. I have gained true friends, thank you Julie. I am set free from the mindset of being broken. I am loved.

Testimonial – Funmi from London – TGRM one to one

Julie came into my life through a referral at a point when I was entrenched in a world of pain following trauma and loss. She worked with me with patience and compassion and walked me through the grief recovery method slowly but surely enabling me with tools to be able to make the journey to saying goodbye and moving forward. Are you struggling with any kind of loss ? Then please contact Julie today – I can guarantee it is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Testimonial – Mariama from Leeds – TGRM  one to one

Grief recovery has brought me so much peace and has made me feel more content in life. I learned so much, not only about grief in general and how to deal with everything that it brings with it, but I also learnt a lot about myself along the way. Before I did grief recovery, I, like many others probably do, thoughthat grief was only attached to the passing of someone you care about; the loss of life. However, I have learnt that it is so much more than that, and that any loss that we experience in our lives can cause grief, even if we ourselves do not know it. It could be from the loss of trust, the loss of your childhood, the loss of a partner through divorce; there are many different types of losses that we go through that I had no idea could be linked to grief.

I would recommend this for anybody who is maybe feeling a bit a lost, like I did, or to anyone who has felt the grief of loss. Grief recovery allows you to process the grief and gives you the tools to live life in a way that is not weighed down by all the emotions and feelings that comes with it.

As soon as I met Julie, I knew that she was the person I could go on this journey with. She is such a beautiful person who is kind and brilliant. It was so easy to talk to herand I learnt so much from her even outside of the grief recovery. It was crazy how easy it was to connect with her, and it was honestly a wonderful time. I can be quite socially awkward so I find it hard to connect with new people, but I had none of that awkwardness with Julie. Her soothing personality allowed me to let my guard down and easily talk about my experiences. I cannot recommend her enough.

Testimonial – Gill from Newcastle – TGRM group

A couple of years after my husband died a friend suggested I do the Grief Recovery course with Julie and I found it very helpful. Julie has a real gift for making you feel relaxed and safe. She is welcoming and non judgemental and the emphasis on confidentiality in the course reassures you that this is a safe place to allow yourself to be vulnerable. The course follows a clearly defined structure over several months which helps you work through what your grief is and how it affects you. There are many different types of grief and meeting in a group sharing the results of your ‘homework’ help you to understand not only your own grief, but those that others are facing as well.
I would highly recommend the course to anyone struggling with grief in any form.

Testimonial – Julie from Gateshead – TGRM group

Loss spoiled my happy life…. after the sudden and unexpected death of my husband….months of duvet days, isolation, acting recovered and just waiting for time to pass failed to make me feel better…even though they said it would. I’d like to share with you how I moved on beyond that pain and loss.
I know that The Grief Recovery Method works, I’ve experienced the transformation in my own life. My family were scared I’d  end up more broken but it wasn’t possible to feel any worse. It’s the process that let me discover everything I’m  meant to be …without the conflicting emotions left by my loss.
Doing TGRM was the best investment I’d made in myself. Completing the course allowed me to take a full breath and lift my feet without the lead boots on. You don’t have to spend life with a sticking plaster over your broken heart. 
The Grief Recovery Handbook saved my sanity. The Grief Recovery Method transformed my life. It can do the same for you. This is the programme you wont regret.


Testimonial – Jill from Newcastle – TGRM group

I found grief recovery a few years ago. Julie was local, which was great in enabling me to do the course. We had a small group and went through the programme together in a really caring and supportive environment. Everything was very well paced in order to ensure understanding and the ability to process what I was doing. With Julie I completed two key losses in my life and have keenly felt the change in my thoughts about these important experiences. I have been able to move past some very painful events and feel so much calmer and happier because of my grief recovery work. Julie kept her door open to ongoing support, which has enabled me to complete a third loss. The process of grief recovery has been so beneficial for me and I recommend it to everyone who has experienced a painful loss.

Testimonial – Sarah from Sunderland – Helping children with loss

I attended the course as I wanted to be able to confidently support others in their grief in a way that was helpful and supportive. I had not realised it would be such a personal journey, particularly the first session. It brought up a lot of suppressed memories and emotions and has helped me acknowledge and release them. Julie has a lovely manner; she is very open and relaxed which helps you feel more at ease. This was particularly helpful during the first week when we all disclosed our personal losses. I did find the book was repetitive at times of what had been discussed in the sessions, but appreciate the book can also be read as a stand alone. Both the book and Julie explained everything in a simple way, using personal examples so each concept was easy to understand. I am grateful to Julie for supporting us all in our recent loss, her kindness and guidance has been a blessing.