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A Community Interest Company where Healing begins for anyone experiencing grief, sorrow, sadness and loss.

Are you bereaved, lost, stuck? Take a look at our free e-book a  Guide to Loss here. 61 tips on the experience of Grief and how to help people through it.

Are you heartbroken? Using proven toolsets and lived experience we guide you to lasting recovery. Start to heal from loss  today. Book a free phone chat now….

Grief is the end of or change in a normal pattern of behaviour. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind.

Let us help you find a way through your grief and loss. Grief support available today. Heal from loss with one to one or group Grief counselling in Tyne & Wear

meandering path through a dark Forrest representing a way through your grief and loss
H2H can help you find your way through your grief

Loss comes in many forms, grief is death, bereavement and so much more. It is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. It’s caused when a familiar pattern of behaviour ends or changes. We’re here to help you mend a broken heart. Book your free consultation today to show you how. 

Grief is a universal emotion, which at some point we will all experience, and it’s so much more than death. 

Covid-19 has brought about the start of and perhaps the end to working from home. Have you loved it or hated it? Do you wish it had been different?

Perhaps family life will never be the same because someone important has died and your heart is broken? Did you get to say goodbye?

Maybe your loss is invisible to others…did you miscarry the baby you were longing for or experience trauma as a child or adult?

The grief index describes over 40 losses that create a grief reaction. Moving home, changing job and the loss of a pet are also stressful losses.

Learn some new information to help start your journey to recovery


Take a look at our free e-book a  Guide to Loss here. 61 tips on the experience of Grief and how to help people through it.

Often  grief is caused by the things we wish we’d said and done but didn’t do because of time or circumstances. And sometimes it is caused by the things we said or did and now regret. Whatever the cause, Society tells us…time will heal, we’ll get over it if only we keep busy and just get on with it, or maybe we should replace the loss with a new pet or romantic relationship. Have you heard those suggestions before? Moving forward after a loss of any kind can be like walking through a minefield of these myths and misinformation. Did anyone actually tell you how to move on successfully beyond your loss, or how that would look?

I’m guessing perhaps not, so I have a plan…..

Let’s take action together guided by someone who’s walked this journey before, come along and discover how contentment feels as you put down the pain, sadness, frustration and disappointment of the life events you wish had ended differently.

You can read Julie’s Bio and see some video’s of her talking about the work she does here

Healing your broken heart starts here

At H2H we believe that everyone has a right to heal their broken heart, no matter the cause or their financial position so we operate a pay what you can afford policy. (PWYC) We need to do more than hope, kiss it better or just get on with life. Those old fashioned attitudes causes harm to our bodies and minds, our home life and friendships as well as our community and family life . Are you ready to feel better?.

No matter your loss, if you’d like to learn with an open heart and an open mind, join me to experience The Grief Recovery Method (TGRM),  or an Edu-Therpay programme, both proven structured tool sets, that shows how to recover from your painful experiences.

Recovery looks different for everyone. For me it means fond memories no longer turn painful. I can help you find how recovery looks for you. If it means feeling better, or finding peace, you’ll be glad you did.

H2H can help you now. No waiting lists or GP referrals.

Lets talk…….Contact Us

Call on 0 77 78 79 80 14 or Email  julie@heartbrokentohealed.co.uk

Recovery from death, divorce and other losses is possible
H2H brings a ray of hope for recovery from grief and loss.



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