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Bereft after a bereavement
Are you bereft, lost or  stuck? We’re here to help…

Perhaps you’re here because your heart is broken, maybe you can’t sleep or concentrate, or maybe you simply don’t know how to feel better after your loss?

Our current knowledge about grief has been passed down through the generations with all of its myths and flaws. The things people do and say are intended to be helpful not harmful, yet inadvertently it encourages those we love and care for to become academy award winning actors when it comes to dealing with their painful feelings. We quickly learn to stop telling the truth about how we feel because the people around us are uncomfortable processing our grief and conflicting emotions.


Rebuilding after a bereavement
How it all works

The good news is things don’t always have to be this way, whether you’re experiencing a personal loss or supporting a friend or relative through grief we can help you move forward with some useful and helpful information. H2H teaches the scientifically proven Grief recovery Method (TGRM) an action programme for moving beyond death, divorce and over 40 other losses.


Bereavement knowledge passed down through the generations
Most of what we know about grief is passed down through the generations!


To find out how some of the myths of grief have affected you take a look at our free e-book on loss here (Guide to Loss)



Generally, grief is not talked about often enough.

Society teaches us how to acquire things, not what to do when we lose them, we teach tangible recovery components including graphing, charting, writing and talking to support the healing process. The world around us provides little or no help, so here is an opportunity to change that and take action.

H2H action programmes for adults transform the quality of your life and increase emotional wellbeing.

I recall the sunny day I realised I was recovering from my own personal loss. I knew something had changed as after months of grieving I could fully inflate my lungs, lift my feet as though I was no longer wearing lead boots and even my eyelids felt lighter… I had completed TGRM. For me the transformation happened the same day, it could do the same for you.

TGRM group programmes – 

Walking a grief journey with others
Learn with others who’ve experienced loss

…led by an advanced grief recovery specialist who has lived experience of their own grief and loss, TGRM groups share the impact of our personal experiences. Small correct action steps bring hope and understanding that everyone can recover and release themselves from the burden of grief and loss.

By increasing knowledge and understanding about what grief is we can begin to recover. For me recovery means that fond and happy memories don’t turn painful. It certainly means feeling better.

  • Meeting either face to face or on line once a week

  • 1 hour per week over 8 weeks          

  • guided through a modular programme of learning.        

  •  Shared with peers who have a grief experience, we move together through the action steps to recovery.

All Grief recovery programmes equip us with tools to support self-healing next time we experience a loss of any kind.

TGRM 1 to 1 programme

Heartbroken after a loss
One to one coaching available

…I would whole heartedly recommend TGRM group programmes, but should you wish, one to one sessions are available which may fit better with personal timescales and certain types of loss such as trauma and veterans.

  • Here we complete 7 weekly 1 hour sessions following TGRM and embedding life skills we progress towards recovery.

Helping children with loss programme

For adults to help children

Based on When Children Grieve book, this is for any adult who cares for a child. Parents, teachers, grandparents, foster carers, teaching assistants…

Our children suffer from grief and loss too and are often ill equipped to handle and process the emotions they experience. They learn from our example teaching them everything we can to prepare for life, but do we adequately prepare them for loss?

  • Helping children with loss is an ACEs informed educational  programme delivered either online or face to face, ran over 4 weekly 1.5 / 2 hour sessions.

  • Established for over 30 years, it increases confidence and gives a structure for talking to a child who has experienced a loss of any kind.

  • This programme will teach you to identify the symptoms and behaviours caused by grief and loss and be equipped to help children deal with them.

  • Let us arm you with the skills to talk to children confidently about difficult and painful feelings.   

Losses may include but are not limited to bereavement, family break up, pet loss, moving home or perhaps even the absence of a friend from school. The programme guides us in the use of TGRM recovery components so we can teach our children how to resolve any painful or unpleasant emotions they are processing.

For more information about Helping children with loss read here …..

For a free confidential chat about enrolling on any of the programmes please get in touch;                                                  Mobile 077 78 79 80 14 or complete the contact form here.

H2H better than just wishing things were different…

The Grief Recovery Method  is recognised by the following organisations:

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