Julie’s Bio….

Julie’s Bio…

Passionate about people….following more than 30 years of clinical and commercial wisdom in the NHS, meet Julie Shepherd, Director of Heartbroken to Healed CIC, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Edu-Therapy Specialist. Having navigated through the depths of personal tragedy and disappointment, she intimately understands the diverse types of loss that shape our lives and the profound impact of grief. Julie stands as a compassionate guide for those navigating the intricate paths of grief and loss.

In a society filled with well-meaning individuals, Julie confronts the common struggles we face – knowing what to say or do when navigating the complexities of relationship breakups, bereavement, job loss, illness diagnosis, moving home, miscarriage, and other significant life transitions. She recognises the pervasive feeling of being ill-equipped to support ourselves or others during these challenging times.

Julie’s journey from months of isolation to transformative healing led her to become a beacon of hope for those facing similar challenges. Through psycho-education programs, she walks alongside individuals, offering simple yet powerful steps to address unresolved grief. Julie’s personal experiences, coupled with over a decade of expertise, provide a unique perspective that guides others toward building sustainable mental wellness and re-engaging in life without carrying the weight of their pain.

Believing in the power of community support, Julie runs a grief cafe in Gateshead as part of the TADA project—a community-led grief centre. With a commitment to listening to community needs, she fosters an environment where learning and support flourish. The grief cafe serves as a vital space for individuals dealing with various traumas, offering tailored support and helpful coping strategies.

Julie emphasises that grievers aren’t broken; they just lack tools. Her work extends beyond the grief cafe, encompassing psycho-education, coping strategy acquisition, and fostering a reduction in anger and guilt symptoms. Recognising the ongoing necessity for support, Julie maintains strong connections with local businesses and community groups, ensuring individuals receive the assistance they need beyond the grief cafe’s capacity.

In Julie’s hands, the proven methods become a lifeline, transforming lives and providing a path to sustained healing. Her commitment to helping others rediscover their true selves, free from the conflicting emotions left by loss, trauma and burnout is a testament to the effectiveness of the process she advocates. Life, as she passionately believes, doesn’t always have to be overshadowed by grief and loss.